Weston homeowners considering an addition, restoration or new construction, remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, flooring or roofing, require a permit and adherence to code.


Here’s the most important information that you should know if you are planning a construction project of any kind in the City of Weston. If you live or plan to live in any of the following zip codes and your property is with the boundaries of the map below, then this article is for you:


  • Zip code 33326
  • Zip code 33327
  • Zip code 33331
  • Zip code 33332

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Should you get a permit?

So, the first part or your dream project is faced with a reality check – COMPLIANCE…

Getting a permit is not just required, it is advisable.

Why you will benefit from staying on the compliance side of things?

Take a look at the list of benefits you receive as a result of getting your permit approved:

  • It helps protect property value
    • Your home or business is an investment. If your construction project does not comply with city codes, the value of your investment could be reduced.
  • It can save you money
    • Property insurers may not cover work or damages caused by work done without permits and inspections.
  • Makes Selling Your Property Easier
    • When property is sold through a multiple listing association, the owner is required to disclose any improvements or repairs made and if permits and inspections were obtained. Many financial institutions will not finance a purchase without proof of a final inspection. The real estate value will not consider the work that was completed without a permit. If you decide to sell a home or building that has had modifications without a permit, you may be required to tear down the addition, or do costly repairs.
  • Improves Safety
    • Your permit allows the code official to reduce potential hazards of unsafe construction to provide for public health, safety and welfare. By following code guidelines, your completed project will meet minimum standards of safety, ensuring that your home will be safe for your family and any future family that lives there. Mandatory inspections complement the contractor’s experience and act as a system of checks and balances resulting in a safer project.
  • It’s the Law
    • Building permits are required by the Florida Building Code. Work without a permit on a building, structure, electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system before or without obtaining the building official’s approval or the necessary permit(s) is subject to a penalty of 100 percent of the required permit fees in addition to the required permit fees. Non-payment of the fees can result in a requirement that the improvements be removed. Satisfying outstanding City Code violations after construction, combined with Florida Building Code fines, can be very expensive.

A word of caution: What if your tradesperson suggests you don’t need a permit?

Be wary! and check with the building department yourself. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure work requiring a permit receives one.
If your project involves minor cosmetic changes, you probably will not have to worry about getting a building permit. If you are making changes to your house’s structure, plumbing, or electrical wiring, you will need to obtain permits. The best way to find out whether or not a permit is required is to call the Weston Building Department.

Call “The Weston Building Department” 954-385-0500.

Now, let’s move forward and learn more about what to expect.

How does the City of Weston manage the permit process?

One thing you should know is that as a contracting city, Weston outsources its Building Code Services to C.A.P. Government, Inc., this contractor is located in the city of Weston at the following address 3265 Meridian Pkwy, Weston, FL 33331. Phone number (954) 888-9882.
The Services they provide include permit processing, plan review, issuance of building permits, inspections, and issuance of Certificates of Occupancy.
Being so modern and having a surplus of financial resources, you couldn’t expect less from this city than making it really easy for homeowners to requests permits.

Automating the permit process

So, another thing you should know is that you to have online access to a permit portal, aptly called ePermits.

As the image shows, it doesn’t just help homeowners with the permit process, it makes it really easy for contractors to understand how to navigate the permit red tape, thus making it easier and faster for both parties.

Tracking your permit

Lastly, you should also know that you can track the progress of the permits you request or are submitted on your behalf. Just go online, login to the ePermits portal again and check on the status of the application. Here’s all the information you can get through the permits portal:

  • Check on a Permit (residents & contractors)
  • Obtain detailed permit information by entering permit number
  • Check on a permit without having to login to the system
  • Public Records Search – Public access to permit information

With all this knowledge and information, you are well equipped to make your dream project a reality. Good luck, we’ll see you after the dust settles.

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